IndusInd Bank introduces a multimedia campaign 'Just25' at the completion of 25 years journey
12/04/2019 10:41

IndusInd Bank on Friday said that, “it has launched a multimedia campaign to commemorate the completion of the bank’s journey of 25 years,” in a filing to Bombay Stock Exchange.

As per the company, christened ‘Just25’, the all new campaign takes inspiration from the 25 year olds of today. The campaign reflects IndusInd Bank’s ethos of being an innovator, an achiever with one cohesive goal of becoming India’s most Convenient Bank.

The company said that the campaign comprises five TVCs showcasing a para-athlete who has overcome every possible challenge to achieve his goal, eventually reflecting what inspires us as well as highlighting the role that IndusInd Bank has played in the lives of millions of such individuals over the 25 year journey.

Anil Ramachandran, EVP at IndusInd Bank said, “2019 is indeed a celebratory year as IndusInd Bank turns 25. Our Just25 campaign embodies the many attributes of who we are and what we have achieved in our wonderful 25-year journey.”

“There is an exuberance and joy at what we have achieved, but more importantly there is a sense of anticipation and promise of what lies ahead. The campaign underscores our constant commitment to our customers over the years,” he added.

“It throws light on how we, in our own way, are trying to make a difference to the wonderful community that we are a part of while steadfastly focusing on our core mission of making banking truly convenient,” Anil said.

“This milestone provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past, and to look forward to the rich promise of an even brighter future. We continue to remain mindful that the world is an ever-changing place, and if anything, we must continue to stay young and relevant,” he said.

“We strongly believe that our passion for delivering unique and innovative banking solutions, and our inherent commitment to putting our customer at the heart of all that we do, will continue to be our driving force for the next 25 years,” he further said.

Ankur Suman, principal consultant and creative head, R K Swamy BBDO said, “in a category that loves to flaunt legacies and play the 'we fulfil your dreams' song, IndusInd Bank has emerged as a distinctly youthful, innovation-oriented brand.”

“So its 25-year celebration had to be different from the regular 'silver jubilee' approach. We looked at this milestone not as a 25th anniversary, but as a 25th birthday, at 25, IndusInd Bank shares the spirit of 25 year olds who are making a positive difference to the world around us; who proudly say, we're just25," they added.

The shares of IndusInd Bank were trading at Rs. 1734.00 apiece, low at 6.80 points or 0.39 per cent at 10:40 hours on the BSE.