T Nadu Steel Tub posts Q4 net profit of Rs 0.23 cr
15/05/2019 19:10

The company reported standalone net profit during the quarter stood at Rs 0.23 crore compared to net loss of Rs 0.61 crore in the previous year quarter.

Net revenue of the company declined substantially by 34.13 per cent at Rs 15.79 crore in January-March quarter of this fiscal as against Rs 23.97 crore in the corresponding period last year.

During January-March quarter, operating expenses dropped by 37.52 per cent to Rs 15.42 crore from Rs 24.68 crore in year ago period.

Other Income grew by 0.00 per cent at Rs 0.05 crore versus (Mar'18 Rs 0.05 crore).

Operating Profit surged by 152.11 per cent to Rs 0.37 crore as against Rs -0.71 crore in the year ago period, while Operating Profit Margin (OPM) contracted year-on-year to 179.25 per cent in March quarter.

Interest grew by 37.50 per cent y-o-y to Rs 0.22 crore, while Taxation decreased by 75.86 per cent at Rs -0.07 crore (Mar'18 Rs -0.29 crore).